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Many people enjoy sports betting. It is an exciting pass time for many. Aussie punters want it too. However, betting in sports is still gambling; thus, it involves risk. So, a winning strategy is essential. This way, your winning chances are likely high.

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This article will provide valuable betting tips and winning strategies. It’s mainly when betting on sports in Australia. Placing your stake based on an informed decision would be best, so keep reading.

Get the Edge on Sports Betting in Australia

Suppose you want to get the edge when you bet on sports in Australia. You must be doing some vital things before betting itself. Mainly, it’s best that you do research and risk management.

Understand how the different areas in sports work. Moreover, it would help if you get updates on the latest developments. Understand teams and players. Also, be familiar with the betting markets.

One way to have an edge is to follow sports news and social media accounts. This way, you’ll get the latest market updates. Keep an eye on the odds and the betting markets. See how they change over time. Below are a few things you can do first before betting.

Do your research

Researching before you place your bet is essential. Check the teams or individuals involved. Analyse past performance and understand relevant trends or statistics. Also, find out the status, such as injuries or team changes. These things can affect the game outcome.

Manage your bankroll

Set your staking plans. It includes setting a budget and sticking to it. You can use a bankroll management technique such as the Kelly Criterion. It involves adjusting your bet size based on the perceived edge in a bet.

Setting your bankroll helps you avoid crash betting decisions when sports betting. Consequently, abrupt betting decisions can bring you significant losses.

Understand the Different Bet Types of Sports Betting

Knowing the different types of betting on sports to get a winning edge is essential. Aside from other betting types, such as value betting, the following are popular.

Futures Betting

It involves betting on a future event, such as a tournament or league winner. With this type of bet, you can put your stake before the event. And it can provide the potential for high payouts.

In futures betting, you can have more time to research and analyse the teams or players involved in the upcoming game. You could analyse other external factors that can affect the game. Mainly, it’s because you’re betting on an event or game yet to occur.

Futures bet offers high payout potential. The odds are usually more favourable since you place a bet before the event. It means you could win big money if your stake turns out to be correct. However, remember that futures betting also carries a higher risk than other sports betting types.

In-Play Betting

Mainly, In-play betting, or live betting, allows punters to place bets during a match. This betting type has recently become popular. It provides the opportunity to react to events in real time.

Unlike other traditional betting methods, in-play betting lets you adjust your bets. It’s based on the events that are happening in an ongoing match or game. Thus, it gives you an advantage by grabbing opportunities as they arise.

Moneyline Bets

This is the most straightforward bet you can make in sports betting. You simply choose a player or team that you believe will win a particular game.

The outcome will depend on the specific sports you’re betting on. Some sports, like tennis, have only two players competing. In this case, a moneyline bet can only have two possible outcomes. It’s either player A wins or player B wins.

Sports such as basketball have multiple players or teams competing. In this case, a moneyline bet may have three possible outcomes. They can be Team A wins, Team B wins, or the game ends in a tie.

The moneyline bet principle doesn’t change regardless of the number of outcomes. Bettors simply choose the player or team they believe will eventually win the game. If the bettor got it right, they would receive a payout.

Over/Under Betting

It’s one of the popular types. The punters bet on whether the total score of a match will be over or under a specific number. For example, suppose the over/under for a soccer match is 2.5. Then you can bet on whether the final score will be three goals or more (over) or two goals or less (under).

Prop Bets

These are wagers on specific events or outcomes within a match unrelated to the final score. For example, you might bet on which player will score the first goal. Or how many yellow cards will show, or whether a particular player will be sent off.

Handicap Betting

When a match has an obvious favourite, handicap betting equalises the game. The bookmaker gives the underdog a points advantage. It’s added to their final score. Meanwhile, the favourite gets the point deduction. This means the underdog gets a better chance of winning.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Sports Bets

We all know that luck plays a big part when betting. Still, being skilful and with betting strategies would add to the winning factor. So, here we’ll discuss some helpful tips and strategies when betting on sports. You may want to consider them.

Odds Analysis

It’s the first step to creating a winning strategy. It defines the possibility of an event occurring. Also, it influences the potential payout of a winning bet in sports betting. Higher odds mean less chance for an event to happen but provide a higher payout potential.

Aussie punters should do a thorough odds analysis. It’s to identify the best value bets. It includes comparing odds from various bookmakers. Also, comparing as many of them as possible would be best for better chances of finding a value bet.

Sports Analysis

You do it by analysing the statistics and trends of a particular sport. Mainly, you do it by examining the player and team performance. You also consider past results and current forms. When you do thorough sports analysis, you can identify value bets. This way, you can increase your chances of winning when sports betting.


You do it by analysing and predicting the sports event outcome. Mainly, you study a range of factors. They include player injuries, head-to-head records, and past performance. Doing handicapping gives you an edge over the bookmakers. You come up with a more informed betting decision.

Wagering Systems

As part of your efficient money management, consider a good tool like the wagering system. The system is excellent for sports bettors. It helps increase your chances of success in sports betting. Additionally, the tool enables you to manage your bankroll.

Two popular wagering systems are the Martingale and Kelly Criterion. Both are based on mathematical formulas designed to maximise profits while minimising losses.

Martingale System

It’s a progressive betting system. The bettor doubles their stake after each losing bet until they win. Mainly, the idea is that a win will eventually happen, and the bettor will recover all losses and make a profit.

You start by betting a fixed amount, for example, $10. If you win, you continue betting $10 for the next round. But if you lose, you double your bet for the next game.

Suppose you lose again; double your bet to $40 for the next round. You continue doubling your bet until such time you win. Once you win, return to your original stake, $10 and start over again.


You need a large bankroll when sports betting to cover losses. If you’re on a losing streak, this system can quickly drain your bankroll. Or you can hit the maximum allowable betting limit set by the sportsbook.

Kelly Criterion

This system considers the probability of a win and the potential payout. It’s relatively more complex than the Martingale system. However, it’s considered more accurate.

First, compute the expected value of your bet. The expected value is the probability of winning. You multiply it by the potential payout. Then minus the possibility of losing multiplied by the amount you bet.

Next, you calculate the Kelly criterion percentage. You do it by dividing the expected value by the potential payout. Finally, you bet a portion of your bankroll equals the Kelly Criterion percentage.

Although the Kelly Criterion is more accurate than the Martingale system, it can still lead to losing streaks when sports betting.

Expert Advice

It’s a valuable resource. You can join online forums and read blogs to get expert advice.

Also, you can download a sports betting app and use the different resources it offersIt can help you stay updated with the latest betting trends and strategies.

You can also subscribe to reputable sports news sites. It’s a good source of the latest sports information.

Sports Betting Psychology

It’s an essential factor to consider. Greed, overconfidence, and fear can all lead to poor decision-making. Consequently, it leads to losses.

So, understand your psychological setup and your biases. It would be best if you’re more rational when placing bets.

Get the Most Out of Your Sports Betting Strategy

It’s essential to keep records accurately of your betting history. Track your wins and losses and your overall performance over time. When you keep detailed records, you’ll be equipped with areas where your strategy may need improvement. This way, you can make adjustments. Also, you’ll know what works; thus, you maintain them.

Additionally, be always disciplined. It’s even when the going gets tough. Your emotion can easily cloud your judgement, especially when experiencing a losing streak. However, this is the most critical time to stick to your strategy. This way, you avoid impulsive decisions based on emotion. You’ll possibly achieve success in the long run if you do this.

Make the Most of Free Sports Betting Resources

There are various free resources related to betting on sports that you can utilise. And yes, you can make the most out of them. You can gather several different pieces of information from these free resources. Then you can come up with your idea out of this information.

But first, you must do some research to find the most reliable ones. They can be blogs, forums and social media groups. You can also follow free news sports sites.

Moreover, the more resources you utilise, the better. This way, you can compare different opinions and strategies. You can also develop a more comprehensive understanding of sports betting.

Final Words

Understanding and implementing betting strategies are two different tasks. As an Aussie punter, one or both can be hard to do for you. Yet using techniques can significantly increase your profits and minimise your losses.

Moreover, implementing effective sports betting strategies can enhance your overall experience. Mainly, it’s while betting on your favourite sports. It can make staking more engaging and fun.

Building your bankroll is essential. However, remember to have fun. Appreciate the excitement that comes with betting on your favourite sports!

Frequently Asked Questions – Sports Betting Strategies

Yes, you can continuously win when betting on sports. However, it requires excellent skills, discipline and luck. It's vital to understand sports well. Also, the approach to betting should be for the long run.

The most common mistake includes using the heart, not the head, when betting. Another common mistake is not doing enough research and overestimating their ability to predict the game outcome.

Bankroll management is crucial when you're sports betting. It helps you avoid losing all your money in a single bet or when experiencing a losing streak.

Your level of knowledge and expertise are key factors. Sports popularity is another. You should also consider the variety of betting markets on offer.

Yes, there are several legal matters that you must consider when betting on sports in Australia. You must ensure that you are betting with a licensed bookmaker. Also, be aware of the laws concerning sports betting in your area.
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