eSports Betting at Online Casinos in Australia

Betting on professional video games, known as "esports," has become a multibillion-dollar business in Australia. Today, many old and new Australian online sites have shifted focus from online pokies to esports betting.


The eSports sector has seen enormous development in this field. In fact, it is now recognized as a mainstream sport. By the end of 2023, the Australian eSports market is predicted to be valued at AUD $21 million. Online casinos now have a great potential to take advantage of this lucrative industry. Hence, Australians have an abundance of options when it comes to esports betting, thanks to the growth of legitimate e-betting companies.

With younger generations more interested in the e-gaming industry, this sort of betting has grown in popularity. Also, an eSports competition or match is comparable to conventional sports betting at an online casino with real money.

Here at WhereGamble, we look at how to place a wager on national and international esports competitions, the types of games available, and what to look for when choosing an esports casino. Read on to find out more.

Status of eSports legality in Australia

Given that a higher percentage of Australian adults participate in gambling, the country has some rather tight regulations regarding online gambling. Australia presently forbids the use of any “interactive” gambling websites, thus making it unlawful to play casino games like pokie net and blackjack.

Fortunately, betting on sports online is completely legal in Australia. This means you can easily find a secure and convenient method to bet on a range of esports at a regular and reliable sports bookmaker.

There have been requests in recent years for more thorough regulation of the eSports sector, especially in terms of player welfare and the elimination of match-fixing. However, the legal standing of eSports in Australia hasn’t changed much, and the market is still expanding.

Notably, in-game betting has been outlawed in Australia by the government. This means it is forbidden to wager on any sporting and esporting event once it has started. This is a significant setback for Australian esports betting.

Requirements to fulfil before participating in esports betting

Australia allows players and bettors to participate in eSports as long as they meet certain requirements.

  • To bet on esports, players must be at least 18 years old. This encourages responsible gambling and ensures people don’t gamble when they are too young.
  • Players must have an account with a legit online casino or betting site that accepts eSports betting. Be sure the website you choose holds a license from the appropriate regulatory body, such as the ASIC or the ACMA. This guarantees the site’s legal and ethical operation, as well as the security of your money and personal data.
  • Make a deposit into your betting account. Reputable esports betting platforms will provide a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

Betting Odds for Virtual Sports betting in Australia

In Australia, esports odds are structured similarly to traditional sports betting lines. They are used to calculate the possible winnings from a wager. Odds play a significant role in esports betting as they show how likely something is to happen and how much money you can theoretically win by betting on it. Therefore, esports gamblers need a firm grasp of the odds in order to put wagers on their favourite teams confidently.

The payment for a winning wager is often represented by a number when the odds are stated. For example, if a team has odds of 2.00 to win a certain game, a successful $10 wager would result in a payment of $20 payment (including the initial $10 gamble).

However, while odds may assist gamblers in comprehending a bet’s payoff, they don’t guarantee success. Surprising player performance, last-minute team composition changes, equipment problems, and technological issues may all affect the result of an esports encounter.

eSports Tournaments

The betting community for eSports is mostly centred on tournaments, and chance plays a major role. This makes wagering on tournaments fun and gives knowledgeable eSports bettors a chance to win. If you enjoy betting on esports, it’s worth keeping a watch on the following events:

league of legends

League of Legends World Championship (LoL)

This is a major betting event in the multiplayer games category of the eSports industry. This event is held annually and features the finest LoL teams, including Chiefs Esports Club, Gravitas, ORDER, and Legacy Esports.

Riot Games, creators of League of Legends, are hosting the event, which has a multimillion-dollar prize pool. The tournament structure usually consists of a preliminary round, a knockout round, and a final round. It lasts for weeks, and the matches take place in different cities throughout the globe.

This is a popular betting event because of the many matches and betting opportunities. You may wager on the winner of the whole match, the winner of each individual map, the player who scores the first blood, and the player who scores the most kills at online casinos and betting sites.


Dota 2 International

As one of the most widely bet-upon competitions in the world of esports, Dota 2 is one of the most prestigious yearly tournaments. Created by Valve Corporation, this company showcases the top teams from all around the globe going against one another for a prize pool of many millions of dollars.

The event normally takes place over many days, with teams participating in a format known as double elimination until only two teams are left to compete in the championship round. There are five members on each of the teams. The “Ancient” is a big building that is found on each side’s base. The goal is to bring down the “Ancient” of the opposing team.

Betting in this tournament is popular because of the large number of teams and players, as well as the high level of competitiveness. Participants in the event may bet on a variety of outcomes. This includes predicting the winner of a single match, the tournament, or even individual statistics like the number of kills or assists a player will have.


Overwatch League

If you’re an Overwatch fan, you definitely need to follow up on the Overwatch League. Teams from all around the globe take part in the competition. It is popular for its incredibly quick and collaborative gameplay.

During the first session in 2018, there were twelve teams from different countries. Since then, the league has expanded to twenty clubs from different countries with plans to add more. Each squad comprises six professional players battling for cash prizes and bragging rights.

Predicting the results of certain games as well as the final standings of the competition, is part of betting on the Overwatch League. Bettors may bet on a variety of game-related variables. This covers which player will score the most kills, which team will win the overall championship, and which team will win a specific match.

Call of Duty World League

The Call of Duty Global League is the series’ main eSports competition, which happens every year. The fast-paced, action-packed gameplay and the wide range of betting possibilities make this a popular choice for betting in Australia.

Competing in Call of Duty game modes include Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control. In this skill-based gaming tournament, you will find some of the best teams in the world, like Tainted Minds.

Betting on individual match results or the tournament’s overall champion is the norm when betting on the CWL. Australia is home to many of the finest Call of Duty players in the world and has a sizable and passionate fan base for the game. Thus, this popularity is one factor contributing to the CWL’s success as a betting event.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

This first-person shooter game has become a powerhouse in competitive gaming. Millions of people worldwide participate in the competitive play of this game. Several professional teams, including Tainted Minds, Athletico Esports, and Avant Gaming, and individuals now take part in a wide range of competitions and events.

In terms of online betting, CS:GO is one of the most popular esports in Australia. This is the case for a variety of reasons. The top reasons are the popularity of the game in Australia and the sizeable number of professional teams. Additionally, the extensive number of chances for betting and gambling online is also greatly impactful.

There are a number of advantages to placing bets on CS:GO competitions in Australia. One of these advantages is the plethora of different betting websites available. Also, these websites provide odds that are competitive across the board.

Australian eSports betting markets have expanded dramatically in recent years. The development of the internet and the accessibility of competitive gaming have fueled the industry’s expansion. People now spend millions of dollars wagering on competitive eSports games.

Anyone who has ever gambled on esports knows there are several ways to wager on your game of choice. Here we will discuss the popular esports betting types that are most common in the world of real money gaming.

Tournament Winner

One of the most common wagers in competitive video gaming is on the team that fans believe will take home the title of tournament champion. Pre-tournament odds on this form of wager are often better than those on betting on individual matches. The reason behind this is that it is more difficult to forecast the overall tournament winner than the result of a single match.

The best way to choose a winner in a tournament is to do extensive research on the teams and players participating. Additionally, you can see their track records, their current form, and any changes to the game or tournament structure that could affect the result. You may also compare their own analyses with the odds offered by bookmakers.

Betting on the Tournament Winner allows gamblers to follow the tournament and perhaps win more than with in-match betting. Eventually, bettors will have high involvement in each match’s result, adding interest and engagement to the event.

Match Winner

Most eSports wagers come as “Match Winner” wagers, in which the bettor wagers on the outcome of a single match. The accessibility of this wager has contributed to its widespread adoption. Moreover, it provides a simple method of wagering on individual games within a larger tournament or league.

It enables bettors to carefully monitor the event and potentially receive a reward for each match they successfully bet on. Besides, this type of betting is especially common for matches played throughout the regular season and in minor tournaments. Moreover, it is popular for individual matches played during bigger tournaments such as the World Championship for League of Legends or The International for Dota 2.

First Map

The majority of bookmakers provide players with the opportunity to wager on who will win certain maps in esports games. This wager is common in first-person shooter video games. Also, it is famous for games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where maps play a significant role in the action.

Bettors have the opportunity to win a payment in a very short period of time. It is one of the benefits of using this betting type. This is mainly due to the fact that the results of the first map are often available within ten to fifteen minutes.

This kind of wager may also add to the excitement and interest when watching the game. Thus, bettors will have a vested interest in the outcome of the first map and will be cheering for their preferred squad.

Most Kills

There are times when putting your trust in a certain player pays off in a big way. Hence, bets placed on Most Kills enable users to wager on the player or team they believe will finish a match with the most kills. Games that involve eliminating opponents, such as first-person shooter games, often fancy this kind of wager.

The level of knowledge required to win at these wagers is often higher than that required for more standard wagers. While placing a Most Kills wager, it’s important for punters to think about the player’s track record. An excellent contender for a Most Kills bet is a player with a track record of routinely outperforming opponents. Bettors should also be aware of any significant rule or policy changes to the game. This is due to the possibility that they might materially affect the match’s outcome.

First Kill/First Blood

In esports, the elimination of a character or player belonging to an opponent is referred to as a kill. Depending on the game being played, this might occur in a variety of different ways. Yet often, it entails bringing the adversary’s health to zero. Simply put, “first blood” refers to the first death in a contest or game.

In esports games, the first kill or first blood often has significant importance. Any early lead may influence the early game and, subsequently, the mid-game in a significant way. As a result, you will have to place this bet before the game begins. So, the winner is the team that scores first. Those who place this kind of wager must be familiar with the sport, the participating teams, and their respective game plans.

A match’s chances of having a team or individual get the first kill or First Blood depend on a variety of variables. They may include elements like talent level, strategy, and squad makeup.

How to find good online casinos for eSports betting

Casinos have grown in popularity among players all around the globe in recent years. In Australia, eSports betting, in particular, has drawn a lot of interest. Finding a trustworthy online casino that provides a fun and secure gambling experience is vital as more people choose to partake in this fascinating kind of entertainment.

When there are several options, it might be difficult to decide which is the best. Here, we’ll look at some pointers and tactics for Australian eSports bettors looking for reputable casinos.

Licensing and regulation

While searching for a reputable online casino for eSports betting in Australia, licensing and regulation are crucial features to take into account. A reputable and reliable online casino should be governed by a trustworthy organization and have an up-to-date license.

By having a license, an online casino may operate lawfully and satisfy specific requirements. These requirements include responsible gambling, consumer safety, and fair gaming. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is responsible for licensing and regulating casinos in the country. It supervises and monitors online casinos to prevent fraud and other illegal activity. What’s more, it assures fair play for players.

Any esports betting site that lacks a license should always be avoided. As a fan of esports, you deserve the very best. Thus, here at WhereGamble, we only propose bookies with a local government license.

Excellent and User-Friendly UI

The user interface and overall quality of an esports betting site should also be considered. A well-designed online casino makes it simple for gamblers to select the games they wish to play and place their wagers.

The best user interfaces are those that are aesthetically pleasing. Access to account information, various payment methods, and support resources should all be straightforward. Players should also be able to visit the online casino through their smartphones or tablets. Therefore the UI must be mobile-friendly.

Simple and quick navigation is also essential. It is important that users be able to quickly navigate the site with ease. The search tool needs to be effective as well as precise, enabling gamers to locate certain games in a short amount of time.

Fair and Attractive Odds

Having access to the best odds for esports will most certainly provide you with a competitive advantage. You may “shop for odds” by selecting the best accessible alternatives and can earn higher total payouts on value betting scenarios.

A decent online casino should have honest and comparable odds to those of other casinos. They need to be reflective of the true likelihood that an event will take place. This indicates that the participants should not be at a disadvantage in terms of the odds. They should guarantee that players receive the most value for their money while providing a reasonable opportunity to win.

Variety of Markets and Tournaments for eSports

In addition to competitive odds, you should be able to wager on the most important esports competitions. You may achieve this by selecting an esports bookmaker that heavily features major events on its schedule. Thus, we can say that a reliable gambling establishment will host several eSports betting markets and events.

The quality of the tournaments supplied by an online casino is just as crucial as the number of markets and tournaments it hosts. In order to recruit the greatest teams and players in eSports, the casino should host competitive events. It’s important that the events have substantial prize pools to draw in bettors and keep participants interested.

Also, players should be able to watch tournaments and matches in real-time through live streaming. This makes betting a more enjoyable experience for players since they are able to make judgments that are more informed depending on how teams and individuals are performing.

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FAQ – eSports betting

This is an online gaming competition that takes place between two or more individuals utilizing computers and video games according to a predetermined set of rules. In short, it is a phenomenon of gaming culture that is occurring on a worldwide scale and is expanding at a quick rate.

Yes, gambling on esports is completely legal in Australia. There are specialized esports betting websites that have been granted a license by an Australian gambling regulatory body. Additionally, traditional casinos that offer classic games, such as the pokies and blackjack, also offer this kind of betting.

Several online casinos in Australia have platforms that work well with mobile devices. They make it possible for gamers to bet on eSports using their smartphones and tablets. You can either download a mobile app for the casino or go to its website on your mobile device's browser.

To wager on eSports at Australian online casinos, sign up for an account, and fund it with real money. Then, decide the game you wish to wager on and choose your preferred betting method. Lastly, just select your desired wager and press the "Bet" button to make it official.

You can compare the odds different online casinos offer to find out if they are fair. Also, there should be a strong link between the payout percentages that an online casino advertises and its customers' odds of winning.
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