Exploring High-Stakes Gambling at Aussie Online Casinos | High-Stakes Gambling Guide

Exploring High-Stakes Gambling at Aussie Online Casinos

The online gaming industry keeps expanding, and most online casinos now offer a wide variety of exciting and entertaining games. Whether you’re looking for video poker or live dealer games, you’ll always find something to suit your taste. But as well as the games themselves, casino stakes are also highly flexible. This means punters can either spend a whole evening playing with just $20 or spin through thousands of dollars in 30 minutes.

It all depends on the type of gambler you are. Low-stakes casino games are designed for casual players who take things slowly and carefully. While high-stakes games are for the big rollers eyeing massive wins and a huge level of entertainment.

The latter sounds more exciting, doesn’t it? In fact, high-stakes gambling has become increasingly popular in richer, casino-friendly countries such as Australia. But with those high stakes comes high risk, so it’s extremely important to know where and what to play.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about high-stakes gambling in Australian casinos to help you increase your chances of winning big. Let’s get started!

High-Stakes Gambling at Aussie Online Casinos

Gambling involves risk-taking, whether you’re staking $1 or $1,000. However, high-stakes gambling introduces a new level of risk. Here, we are not referring to small stakes. High-stakes gambling is for players with huge gambling budgets.

Let’s look at an example of high-stake gambling at Australian land-based casinos. High-rollers in these land-based outlets must stake a minimum of $50,000 to access VIP perks. These include unique high-roller rooms with complimentary services and higher table limits. Players with bigger gambling budgets receive similar treatment in Australian online casinos but with smaller limits. This makes VIP offers more affordable and suitable for different types of bankrolls.

Popular High-Stakes Casino Games

Australian players can take advantage of a number of high-stakes casino games alongside generous promotions and key gambling features. These high-stakes online casino games are unique because they feature a big-bet format. Bettors can enjoy different poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette games alongside slot machines in these high-stakes online casinos.

  • High-Stakes Blackjack – Normally, blackjack is suitable for long-term small wagers because of its relatively low levels of volatility. However, high-stakes blackjack enables players to win more within a short period. This can be achieved by choosing a high-stakes game, using splitting and doubling down tactics, and placing the maximum wager on each hand.
  • High-Stakes Poker – Online poker games with stakes per round of $10 and up are considered high-stakes games. The major skill difference between regular and high-stakes poker players is the ability to manage bankrolls better.
  • High-Stakes Roulette – The basic roulette game is entirely luck-based. High-stakes online roulette games follow normal roulette betting rules, but the amount that can be wagered on the riskier inside bets is very high.

How to Participate in High-Stakes Gambling at Online Casinos

To participate in high-stakes gambling, it is very important to have a big bankroll. Additionally, this must be money that you can afford to lose. Those wanting to participate in high-stakes gambling, who aren’t sitting around on a wad of cash, must work their way up. However, this requires substantial discipline and time, as you’ll have to replenish your bankroll and develop it continuously over time.

Before picking an Australian high-stakes online casino, we advise that you don’t rush. Check out the games on offer and the table and wagering limits to ensure sufficient choice of high-stakes games. Also take the time to carefully read and understand your chosen casino’s high-stakes offers and any terms and conditions attached before creating an account. Reach out to the customer service team and see what additional perks they may offer if you plan to deposit big.

Once your account is active, the casino will automatically track your deposits and withdrawals. Most casinos accepting high rollers will run a VIP club, with entry by invitation only.

VIP Programs and Comp Points

Most online casinos offer bonuses and programs to motivate customers to be more consistent and loyal. VIP programs and comp points are available at numerous prominent online casinos in Australia. Also, comp points are casino rewards that online casinos give to punters who play on their platform more often. Both schemes work because they give players the feeling and impression that they are getting rewarded for what they enjoy doing. Sounds like a win-win, right? Now, let’s take a closer look at these special casino offers.

As mentioned, comp points offer more incentives for being consistent. In this case, these incentives are in the form of points. Once players have accumulated enough points, they can redeem them for other rewards or cash. Different online casinos have their specific way of organizing the comp points, which usually feature multiple criteria. For example, the rate at which these points are earned may be limited, or there may be conditions for redeeming them.

VIP Programs are sometimes named “Loyalty Programs,” “VIP Clubs,” or “Players Clubs.” Players are exposed to huge benefits like more free spins, bigger deposit bonuses, and additional cashback. VIPs also receive higher percentage rates to cover their daily, weekly, and monthly losses. Like Comp points, VIP Programs come in several forms depending on the online casino. These programs are devised in ways that make players feel special.

Examples of the Best VIP Programs and Comp Point Systems Available

As mentioned, high-stakes players are usually eligible to join VIP programs. These come in different forms:

  • Points-Based Programs – This type of VIP program offers rewards in the form of comp points based on wagers. VIP points are earned by staking real money on high-roller casino games like poker and slot machines. The standard rate is one point per dollar played. This type of reward system is geared toward punters who play the most. The points gained can then be transformed into other incentives like free spins, tournament entries, bonus cash, lowered house edge, and more!
  • Tier-Based Programs – This type of VIP program is the most common in Australian online casinos. Here, players receive different rewards as they advance through the tiers. In most cases, new players begin their journey in the “Starter” tier before moving through subsequent ranks like “Rookie” or “Bronze”, to “All Star” or “Silver” up to “Hall of Fame” or “Gold,” and so on. Progression depends on how often and how much a player has wagered, as each tier will have a points or wagering threshold that the player must reach in order to level up. Each new level comes with better rewards than the previous one. The top VIP tier is open to high-stakes gamblers and is usually reached by invitation only.

High-Stakes Gambling Tips

To engage in high-stakes gambling in online casinos, you must first be careful on diverse levels. It will also be best to have fun and enjoy the process if your aim is to play for as long as possible. Most punters don’t have the capacity to wager $500 on one spin, and if you happen to be among the lucky ones, you must avoid losing your budget on a few spins. Here are our top online gambling tips for high-stakes players:

  • Pick the Right Casino – Choosing an online casino that suits you is similar to when a golfer picks the ideal set of clubs. It’s a match made in heaven when done correctly. The important thing is to ensure that you’ve picked a high-stakes casino that allows you to deposit thousands of Australian dollars. You should also check and compare other high-stakes online casinos to ensure that you’re making the best decision. Compare features like rewards, banking options, games, loyalty schemes, bonuses, and so on, and make sure they are fully licensed. Check out our list of top Australian high-stakes casinos right here.
  • Play with a cool head – Keep things simple, focus on the game and avoid complex thoughts while playing. You’ll lose some funds and win some, but avoid chasing losses with bigger wagers, expecting to cover your losses. Always abstain from drugs and alcohol when playing. Their influence will affect your performance, resulting in more loss.
  • Take regular breaks – Regular breaks from gambling activities are also important as they refresh you.
  • Set a budget – Even high-tollers don;t have unlimited funds. Set a budget for gambling and stick to it. And never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  • Make use of bonus offers – Many high-stakes casinos offer bonuses such as cashback on losses, deposit match bonuses, and more. Check the T&Cs to make sure you fulfil all the eligibility criteria in order to claim and use any promo deals.
  • Stay calm and set practical expectations – If earning steady cash was easy, everyone would be a high roller. You must practice patience and prepare for setbacks. Also, take your time to develop your bankroll slowly. Bet with the head and not with the heart.
  • Good communication is key – When participating in high-stakes gambling make sure you know the casino’s limits and eligibility criteria. Contact their support representatives or your personal account manager if you need assistance with anything. A quick live chat, email, or phone call can help ensure that you and your chosen online casino are on the same page.
  • Try negotiating limits – The casino’s deposit and betting limits may be below your taste. Again, the best way to solve this problem is by reaching out to the casino’s support team and negotiating a change to your betting and deposit limits.
  • Utilise your benefits – Always ensure that you maximise all the rewards that come with being a high-stakes gambler. Use all special casino promotions and offers, deposit specials, and other extras that are unavailable to regular punters. Always maintain good online casino etiquette and pay attention to the terms and conditions associated with high-stake benefits. Otherwise, the casino may place restrictions on your account for violating its policies.
  • Learn and improve your skills daily – Nothing beats knowledge and practice. Study your preferred high-stakes online casino game and utilise the betting tools available to you. Before trying a new game, it’s wise to play the demo versions of the high-stakes games available at your preferred online casino to help you get more familiar with the gameplay and any in-game features.

Success Stories

Every high-stakes gambler takes a slightly different approach to the game. Sam Trickett is a prominent British hig-stakes poker professional. While practice yields perfection, Trickett also enjoys the psychological mind game aspect of high-stakes poker. His preferred strategy is to spend several hours at a poker table, getting to know his opponents’ abilities. and giving him an advantage over his fellow players.

Don Johnson is another famous and successful high-stakes gambler. In 2011, he won close to US$15 million playing blackjack. Johnson was already a popular high roller in Atlantic City, On one occasion, after a US$500,000 loss, he successfully bargained for a 20% rebate on that loss. Johnson’s big wins include US$6 million from Tropicana and $5 million from Borgata. We should also mention that Johnson won US$4 from Caesars with wagers of 6 figures per hand!

Responsible Gambling

The online casino industry introduced the concept of responsible gambling to ensure that gambling procedures are executed through a socially acceptable approach. It was also designed to create a safe and fair gaming environment for the public. Responsible gambling policies play a great role in protecting vulnerable individuals from evolving into problem gamblers and curbing the negative effects of gambling on people’s relationships and finances, which may lead to social problems

All of the online Australian casinos that we recommend have clear responsible gambling protocols in place. The tools available will vary from site to site. However, you should expect to find tools allowing you to set deposit limits, loss limits, session playing time limits and even maximum bet limits. You should also be able to set cooling-off periods and self-exclusion periods ranging from days to years.

It’s also important to steer clear of high-stakes gambling games if you have a gambling addiction or bad gambling habits. However, if you feel you are becoming addicted, then the best Australian casinos will have responsible gambling protocols that include links to helplines and knowledgeable customer support staff.

Online Casino Regulations

The 2001 Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) controls the Australian gambling landscape. It is illegal to offer interactive gambling services to Australian residents. However, citizens can engage in online sports wagering, keno, and lotteries. Also, it is important to note that Australians are allowed to play at online casinos that are based outside the country.

Furthermore, the Australian government is reviewing the existing laws that surround online gambling and is working towards making innovative adjustments. It’s difficult to predict these changes, but there is a good probability that some new regulations will be introduced. The new gaming laws are likely to cover diverse topics, including the introduction of new gambling regulations & taxes or restrictions on wager amounts. These new regulations will significantly impact the Australian gaming industry.

It is also necessary to acknowledge that online gambling and its evolving laws are still somewhat new in Australia. The industry shows the potential to thrive and flourish even with more stringent regulations.

Overview of the Best online Casinos in Australia

There are several online casinos operating in Australia, and choosing the best one can be very challenging. Nevertheless, the best Australian online casinos will offer the following features:

  • License – Checking out for a license issued by a reputable body is one way to verify the reputation and legitimacy of an online casino. Playing in a licensed casino guarantees protection and support when you have complaints or disputes.
  • 24/7 customer support services – A good online casino will offer support around the clock. Players should also have access to several support channels like phone, email, live chat, and a detailed FAQ section that can provide quick solutions to common problems.
  • Top security measures – To guarantee the safety of players’ funds and personal information, reputable online casinos use cutting-edge SSL encryption technology and other security measures like two-factor authentication and identity verifications.
  • A wide collection of games – The choice of several games makes a casino more entertaining. A good online casino will feature at least 1,000 casino games giving punters plenty of choices.
  • Payment methods – Access to a range of payment options improves the gambling experience by enabling players to fund their casino account easily. The best Australian online casinos offer a range of payment methods including e-wallets, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies.

To make things easier, here at Wheregamble, we have compiled a list featuring only the best of the best online casinos in Australia. You can rest assured that the online casinos on our list are safe and highly entertaining. Whatever gaming experience you have, there will be a casino that’s right for you.


We hope this article has provided all the knowledge you need to start participating in high-stakes gambling in Australian online casinos. For a better high-staking experience, follow our top tips: pick the right casino, maintain good communication, stay calm, set a realistic budget, and improve your knowledge of your chosen game.

Sticking to the tips discussed in this article will help you get the best from your wagers and improve your gameplay. Check out our list of recommended high-stakes Australian casinos right here and start your high-stakes gambling journey!

FAQ – High Stakes Gambling

This section answers some common questions about high-stakes gambling at Australian online casinos.

High-stakes gambling involves placing large wagers on online casino games. Depending on the game, the wager size can range from $10 a spin on pokies to $1,000s per hand for blackjack.

To become a high-stakes gambler you will need a large bankroll. Remember to only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

Poker, blackjack and roulette are the most popular games where high stakes can be used. However, some online pokie machines have maximum bet limits in the hundreds of dollars for each spin.

Yes. In Australia all gambling wins are tax-free.

Check out our extensive list of Australia's best high-stakes casinos right here.
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